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Buying Property in South West France
Buying property in the UK can be a fraught experience on a good day, so its only natural to view the dream-like prospect of a home in France with some trepidation if your wish is to make that dream a reality. But it doesn't have to be that way. For though the purchase process in France is different to the UK, in many ways it is better. The key is to do your research and be correctly informed, and we at can help you along the way.

The buying process

Once you have found the house you want and the price is right, you need to sign a binding contract (the Compromis De Vente) with the seller so that he cannot sell it to anyone else.

You will be required to deposit 10% of the purchase price with the Notaire (solicitor) until completion. You then have 7 days cooling off period to change your mind, the deposit will follow after the cooling off period. If you pull out of the contract the seller receives the 10% deposit as compensation, but if the seller pulls out the buyer gets double the deposit back. You will be required to provide proof of ID such as a Passport, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and any Divorce Certificates. These will be photocopied and held in a file at the Notaires office.

Your now ready for the next stage which falls to the Notaire who will contact various searches, gather all necessary documentation to complete your file, and prepare the (líacte authentique de vente) your final singing. On completion the Notaire must receive the balance of the purchase price plus fees, either by certified Euro cheque or direct transfer into the Notaires bank account. It is prudent to ensure that the wheels have been set in motion before the day of completion, as it can take up to 10 days transferring money from the UK. Note that French buildings and contents insurance should also be arranged before the completion. The Notaires fees are fixed by law, and are usually 7% to 8% of the purchase price. Remember that procedure in France are no quicker than in the UK; the whole process may take approximately eight to twelve weeks.

We at will take you through the whole buying and legal process start to finish and will also help with other matters that you may encounter. Our representatives are bilingual and therefore offer invaluable help during this stage.

We offer a wide range of property for sale in South West France specialising in offering property for sale in Limousin and property for sale in Charante, both very popular regions within South West France.

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Property for sale in South West France  with

Property for sale in Limousin (South West France), Charente (South West France) & South West  France