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Charente & Limousin Regions South West France

Properties for sale in South West France are a UK based property company offerign a wide portfolio of properties for sale in South West France, particularly properties for sale in the Limousin & Charente region's of south west France.

The Charante region of South West France
The climate in the Charante region of South West France is mild and balmy in the summer. The locals are relaxed, easy to talk to, down to earth and often show that special Charentais sense of Charente & Limousin Regions South West Francehumour. The French traditionally consider the Charentais as laid back, and zany. The Charante region prides itself of its most famous product - Cognac and its fresh food produce from the woods, fields , rivers and nearby ocean - organic farming is strong here, so expect to eat well and healthily.

In the Charante - Limousin, nature rules and the local fetes and traditions thrive against a rich historical backdrop. The area is ideally placed between the Atlantic coast and the forsted mountains of Limousin, and within easy reach of some superb and appealing cities, Poiters, Limoges and Angouleme.

Romanesque art is much in evidence with over 400 churches and ancient baths. Water is everywhere - Vienne and its streams flow along the valley bottoms, giving plenty of opportunities for bathing, angling but also sailing, canoeing and rafting. Charente & Limousin Regions South West FranceYou can cycle, ramble or ride along the river banks, a cool and original way to explore the marvellous countryside and villages of the Charente-Limousine. Local architecture uses granite and rounded tiles to give a warm Southern feel to the landscape.

The Charente region charms with its soothing patchwork of landscapes liberally dotted with little villages and towns where traditional French life seems to carry on regardless. The region is easily accessible via rapid train from Paris to Angulated (2hours and 15mins), Ryanair flies daily from Stansted to Limoges-Bellegrade airport (8kms from the centre).

Limoges is one of the oldest towns in France dating back to 1bc, it is a historical treasure trove. Taking a stroll through the centre can be a lengthy activity with museums, monuments, ancient buildings and bridges awaiting your attention on eCharente & Limousin Regions South West Francevery corner. Formerly two towns, which straddled the river Vienne, it is now one large town, with the superb old quarter (the Cite) situated on the higher level overlooking the river. Limoges is famous for its 'white gold' porcelain, which has played an important part of the towns economy since the 17th century.

Whereas when buying property in France other parts of France have become increasingly expensive over the years with the influx of people buying property especially Dordogne and Cote DíAzur - the Charante region in the South West of France is up and coming property prices reflects this, it is destined to be the next property hot spot as it caters for all tastes from the mountains to the sea.
Some see it as 'the real France' - more rural, peaceful and authentic.


A Day out in the Charente


Angoulême  spans the River Charente and has many beautiful medieval buildings.  Cognac bottle and glass

Cognac is the birthplace of the brandy that is enjoyed around the world.

La Rochelle on the Bay of Biscay , is a fishing port with great tradition and attracts a variety of pleasure craft to Les Minimes, its harbour.  Its coastal location and charm make it very much a tourist attraction. 14th Century towers - Tour de la Chaine and Tour St. Nicolas - are to be seen at the harbour entrance. The streets are cobbled.  You can cross the toll bridge, constructed in 1988, to Isle de Re and enjoy the charm of this little island - capital and main port St Martin .  Other ports on the island are Rivedoux and La Flotte.  This island is as sunny as the South of France but the maritime breeze tempers the heat.  For sandy beaches go over the separate road bridge to the Isle de Oléron.

Jonzac is a wine and brandy producing town.

Marennes . is on the Charantais coast and is famous for its oysters.  These plump molluscs develop in profusion in the salt marshes that have been a part of the region for centuries and have a unique and delicate flavour.

Poitiers is justifiably proud of Futuroscope. Apar Poitierst from the many, many futuristic cinemas and interactive entertainment there is a 2 hectare area specially for children. Going back to the past, the Romans left many relics in the form of baths and amphitheatres.


A Day out in the Haute Vienne


Porcelain at Limoges - for a demonstration on how to produce some of the finest porcelain, head to the Bernardaud porcelain factory.


History of Enamel at Limoges - the Musee National Adrien-Dubouche charts the history of enamel from early Greek & Chinese works to the present day.


A day out to Solignac - a pretty medieval village with an impressive granite church. From here, take the Sentier de la Br ian ce to discover the surrounding forested countryside


WWII memorial at Oradour-sur-Glane - a moving memorial where a 1944 massacre took place.


Hiking: exploring the legendary Pyrenean routes.

With 17,000 km of paths, 4,500 km of which are long-distance (GR) and 12,500 walking and hiking (PR) paths, Midi-Pyrénées is the ideal region for walkers and nature-lovers. We have selected three legendary routes from amongst the hundreds to choose from in the region.

The Pyrenees National Park: all the plant and animal life of the Pyrenees close to hand
An ideal destination for lovers of unspoilt nature, the Pyrenees National Park extends over more than 100 km east to west and includes 6 valleys: the Vallée d'Aure, the Vallée de Luz-Gavarnie, the Vallée de Cauterets, the Val d'Azun, the Vallée d'Ossau and the Vallée d'Aspe. Each offers around ten hiking routes, most with changes in height of between 300 and 700 m and therefore accessible to most walkers.

To guide you through the area's astonishingly abundant biodiversity, the National Park has designed a discovery programme based on fifty theme-based walks led by warden-instructors throughout the summer (NB. a number of routes are accessible to the disabled), giving you a chance to set off in search of the large birds of prey, spend time with the marmots or explore the wildlife of the Vallée d'Aspe in August.

For more information : contacts, routes, summer 2006 walking programme and general information about the Pyrenees National Park: .

The GR-10: a legendary trail that crosses the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean
Nearly as well known as the GR-20 in Corsica, the GR-10 is a great adventure that attracts more and more walkers every year to experience the treasures to be discovered on each stage and the varying changes in height. The High Pyrenees are covered in 10 to 12 sections, from Arrens-Marsous to the Astau barns, passing through areas whose beauty has made them known worldwide, such as Gavarnie, the Néouvielle Nature Reserve and the Pont d'Espagne.

For example, depending on your enthusiasm and level of fitness, you could spend 2 or 3 days walking between Arrens-Marsous and Cauterets or between Luz St-Sauveur and St-Lary. If you have a bit more time, try the route between the Pic du Midi and the Néouvielle Nature Reserve (set aside 4 or 5 days): outstanding!

For more information :
- Contacts, detailed routes and discovery of the High Pyrenees : , or the Hautes-Pyrénées departmental tourist authority website, .

Theme Parks in the Midi-Pyrénées: unforgettable adventures for your family to share.

Do you find yourself lacking ideas about what to do with the children after a few weeks of the summer holiday have passed? You've taken them for a mountain walk up to the Brèche de Roland, been round the Lac de Pareloup three times on a pedalo, descended the Aveyron Gorge in a canoe and you're now all experts at parascending…
Don't worry: there's still a whole range of activities to be enjoyed and youngsters always love theme parks. With over fifty theme parks, you're bound to find something to please the children in the Midi-Pyrénées.

Prehistologia (Lacave- Lot).
5 km from Rocamadour, this prehistoric theme park is the only one of its kind in Europe. We invite you to take a journey through time that begins 15 billion years ago with the Big Bang and ends with the appearance of Neolithic civilisation 10,000 years ago. On a superb natural site accessible to all, you follow a specially laid footpath that winds its way through several hectares of woodland. Here you'll find the largest collection of life-size reconstructions of prehistoric creatures (a total of 150), which tells the story of the appearance of life in the oceans, then on land with the dinosaurs and in the air with the first flying reptiles.

On your route you'll see the Diplodocus, Triceratops, Tyrannausaurus rex, etc., all life-size, along with the noises and cries of the various animals. An impressive experience!

For more information : access, prices and programme of activities, see the park's website:

Micropolis, Insect City (St-Léons – Aveyron)
If you're scared by the idea of large animals, then come to Micropolis, where you'll find many a surprise in the world of tiny creatures. Just 10 minutes from Millau, Micropolis, Insect City, invites you to come and discover the extraordinary world of grassland insects. Covering an area of 2400 m2, there are 15 theme-based scenes literally crawling with wonders, immersing you completely in the world of insects. Here you'll learn what an insect is, how they live together in communities, how they interact with man and plants and even how they perceive the world around them.

Don't miss the “Sensations” room, where you can put yourself inside an insect's skin via a particularly inventive sound and vision system. Another excellent attraction is the Insect Carnival”, in which your adventure continues outside in the company of giant insects. Thrills and laughter for everyone…

For more information : access, prices and programme of activities, see the park's website:

Pyrénées Hô (Cierp-Gaud – Haute-Garonne)
Just 1 hour and 30 minutes from Toulouse and 30 minutes from St-Gaudens, this multi-theme park is situated on a 13-hectare natural site with trees, cliffs and rocks. There are five elements to challenge you. Air: giant 250m Tyrolean traverse, trampolines, “accrobranche”… Water : natural water slides, abseiling through waterfalls…Earth : you have to crawl or climb through 140m of intersecting wooden tunnels or test your endurance and balance on a BMX. Stone : defy the laws of gravity on a “via ferrata” and climbing wall. And finally, Pyrénées Hô's speciality, wood, where around a hundred games have been set out in the trees, suitable for children aged 3 and over.

For more information : access, prices and programme of activities, see the park's website:

Cap Découverte (Blaye les Mines – Tarn)
A former opencast coal mine converted into a multi-leisure park with a spectacular amphitheatre 1300 metres wide and 230metres deep, Cap Découverte offers a wide range of sporting and fun activities for people who like thrills, on a site covering nearly 650 hectares.

Access to the site is free and, once you're inside, you can choose between free or paid activities based on four themes: rides, sliding, bathing and water-sports and team sports. In the riding section, there's absolutely everything from a skateboard park, over 35km of bike and roller-skate slopes and a mini go-kart circuit. Sliders will find just as many thrills, with skiing and snowboarding on synthetic slopes, luge on a rail (700m long) and a giant 1.2 km Tyrolean traverse. A 400 m2 water play area gives our youngest visitors a chance to cool down on a sandy beach at the edge of the lake or they can hurtle down the water slide while the adults try out the water ski tow (where you're towed along a 800m cable). Finally, if you're a fan of the round or oval ball, you can train on the soccer and rugby pitches – or even, for the keenest players between 7 and 14 years old, take part in a course with a specialist instructor.

For more information : access, prices and programme of activities, see the park's website:


Bring along your swimming costumes and dive into the great cool lakes of the Midi-Pyrénées!

This is it: Summer is here and promises to be hot and sunny throughout. Although the Midi-Pyrénées does not have a coast, it is nonetheless a "water" region, with nearly 100 stretches of water, hundreds of lakes, both small and large and nearly 1,550 miles of river. A veritable land of enclosed water that enables you to enjoy all sorts of activities: swimming of course but also windsurfing, dinghy sailing, pedal boating, rowing, and water skiing…

Pareloup lake (in the Aveyron, 19 miles from Rodez).
Located at an altitude of 2,625 ft, this 4.5 sq mile lake with its 62 miles of shore is the largest and no doubt one of the loveliest lakes in the Midi-Pyrénées. Adjoining the village of Arvieu, its beach boasts facilities and supervision and many sport and tourist facilities (bicycle and mountain bike rental, beach volley court, a nautical base with windsurfing boards, sailing dinghies, canoes and a rowing club...). It's worth noting that you can also sail round the lake onboard Emmanuel III, a bateau-promenade that has its own restaurant: ideal to end the day with a flourish and watch the sun set.

For further information: go to the site of the Departmental Committee for Tourism in the Aveyron at or (available in French)

St-Ferréol lake (in the Haute-Garonne, 50 miles from Toulouse and 12 miles from Castelnaudary).
Located on the outskirts of Revel, this 2,625 ft-long lake feeds the Canal du Midi. It is bordered with pine trees and a pathway that takes you all the way round the lake in just over an hour. The area is well known by the inhabitants of Toulouse who drive there in less than an hour for a stroll or a swim. St-Ferréol's nautical base rents out small catamarans and canoes and you can also rent a pedal boat: the ideal way to visit this little lake and enjoy its refreshing tranquillity.

For further information: visit Sorèze's town hall site at (available in French)

Laouzas lake (in the Tarn, 46 miles from Albi and 6 miles from Lacaune).
Located in the heart of the regional Haut-Languedoc area nature park, close to the village of Nages and an hour's drive from Millau's new viaduct, this lake –with those of Saints-Peyres, Raviège and Vesoles- is one of the largest lakes in the Haut Languedoc area. Like Pareloup lake, this one is also high up, at an altitude of 2,625 ft and offers a 1.3 sq mile stretch of clear water that is ideal for swimming and nautical leisure activities. With pedal boats, canoes, kayaks, windsurfing boards and small monohull boats, all you have to do is choose.

For further information: voir (available in French)

Montbel lake (in the Ariège in the Pyrénées, 25 miles from Foix and 12 miles from Mirepoix).
Located in the Ariège in the Pyrenees and nestled in greenery, Montbel lake is situated near a little village that goes by the same name. It covers an area of 2.3 sq miles and you can walk its 10-mile track in about 4 hours by following its markings. Birdwatchers, nature enthusiasts, walkers, fishermen and mountain bikers will find all they need to satisfy their passion. As for those who prefer to take it easy, they can make the most of the superb serviced and supervised beach to swim or rent a canoe-kayak, catamaran or pedal boat.

For further information: go to Mirepoix's Communauté de Communes site or (available in French)

St-Nicolas de la Grave lake (in the Tarn-et-Garonne, 19 miles from Montauban and 6 miles from Moissac)
Located at the confluence of the rivers Tarn and Garonne, St-Nicolas de la Grave's stretch of water covers an area of nearly 1.5 sq miles. Famous among birdwatchers for its sanctuary for migrating birds and its observatory, this site also has a well equipped leisure base that offers mountain bike and horse rides, archery, tennis and an arboretum, etc. On the nautical side, you'll find the whole range of usual activities: you can rent a windsurfing board, sailing boat, canoe, kayak, rowing boat or pedal boat. Worth noting: the presence of an open-air swimming pool overlooking the lake, particularly handy for young children.

For further information: go to the Tourist Information Office site at (available in French)

Mountain lakes in the Pyrenees.
And finally, it would be difficult to overlook the fact that the Hautes-Pyrénées is the all round champion of water activities, with more than 300 mountain and leisure lakes. Among the most popular are the lakes of Oô and its neighbour Espingo, Payol and Arrêt-Darré..

For further information: go to the Departmental Tourist Committee site for the Hautes-Pyrénées or (available in French

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